who do i write for?

In random on 04/06/2013 by beth

i’ve been reading ted kooser’s poetry home repair manual, and he makes the point that as poets, we should have an audience in mind.  i don’t think i consciously ever did that before.  i felt an urge to write, so i wrote.  then a few (never more than two or three, really) people began to read.  sometimes i thought of them when i wrote.  sometimes i even wrote poems to them.  but if i had thought of anyone, my reader would have been young, passionate but a little aimless or off-course, lonely, cast out.  i would have written to a slightly-younger version of myself.

i think, if anyone, i’d now write for myself right now.  i need someone to write for, and i also need someone to be writing for me.  two birds, one writer-reader.  

all this sounds terribly self-obsessed, and i know i’m not quite hitting the mark that kooser was talking about.  really, i would write for someone female and american, my age or younger, education unimportant.  i’d write for someone who needed to know there were others with hope out there, but who also had a lot of her own.  i’d write for someone a lot like me.


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