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stone #27

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At night the dogs rise,
run the streets, declare
themselves masters
of a sleeping city.

I send my worries
out to howl with them
into the darkness.


stone #16

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Three soft brown doves gather outside
the window, find shade near a thick hedge,
blinking in the afternoon heat.


stone #14

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now everything is thinning
so it can be peeled away
like so many layers of snake skin,

sloughed off against coarse
undergrowth, and soon
we will see what lies beneath:
more skin, fresh layers to peel

. . .

Written after reading this post at a river of stones, hoping that the moment would reveal itself (it didn’t, not really).


stone #9

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The dog knows what it means
that I haul out my biggest
suitcase for the trip,

sits staring at me
from the doorway.



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via grown-up shoes


stone #3

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Orange and white cat

She scrapes her tongue across the bottom of the empty metal bowl, bounces onto the bed next to me and burrows under the covers.  She curves her body into a tight circle against the backs of my legs.