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February 1, 2011

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If you had caught a glimpse of me at 7:00pm
tonight, you would have seen me standing in the doorway
of a bus zipping past the hospital, the pharmacies
and stands selling bread, gum, magazines and phone cards,
the university and the tienditas promising
Coca-Cola bien fria
.  I leaned against the open,
folded doors, my back to a giant sticker of a bowing
Tweety bird that read, “Please pay as you enter,”
praising the breeze and the buzz of traffic
until a mother with three kids got on, and I tucked
myself deeper into the throng of commuters
packed into the aisle.  Then three more women
got on, and we all held our breath, and a couple
crammed themselves in on the next stop, so the driver
said “No more, we’re full,” but at the next light
two men hopped onto the slender half-step
meant to assist passengers entering and exiting,
found places to grasp just inside the door frame
and rode home with nothing inside the bus but hands.


stone #30

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At the park with eight-year-old Nicole

We swing side by side, legs
pumping, and she chatters
cheerfully about all the times
she’s fallen off of swings:

the rocks, the thorny bushes
that have broken her fall,
the scars she still wears.

I nod, smile or commiserate
as appropriate, stare at the hill
on the horizon with an enormous
statue of Jesus holding his arms
out to the city in welcome,
in blessing.

I watch how he disappears
behind the houses just in front
of us, rises again as we do,
over and over again.


stone #26

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Two more nights scheduled
at the hotel — I soak up silence
while I can


stone #20

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Here, when the sun shines
my skin reddens, blisters, peels.
When it does not, I shiver,
rubbing goose bumps
off my arms.

For all it’s trouble, I like
this honest air.


stone #17

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Five days later the suitcase
stands its ground, main compartment
unzipped but with the lid resting
in a closed position, a bit askew.

The contents: unrolled, half-used,
but not put away.  Ready to relocate


stone #12

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I wake to see a pink
snake slithering through dense
woods: el Rio de la madre de dios
warming itself in the dawn
as spied from 40,000 feet.


stone #11

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A baby wails and the man
next to me sneezes, but I smile, tenderness
blotting out my usual stiff responses.

Our lives are knotted
together here at 39,000 feet,

545 knots, if only for a few hours.